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CPR certification classes are offered daily!

CPR/AED/First Aid
Basic Life Support (BLS)

Blended courses are a convenient alternative to the classroom course!

Schedule a 1-hour skill session after studying the online program.

Classroom & Blended Courses Offered:
  • Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED (3 hrs)
  • Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid (4 hrs)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers (4 hrs)

Lifeguard Classes are offered
every weekend!

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Learn how to save a life while having fun! Check out our videos:

Training students, teachers, celebrities, military members, police officers, healthcare providers and 

many others in lifesaving education!

Customer Testimonials:

"Thorough and comprehensive CPR class. Excellent 'hands-on' practice. I would recommend this class over other classes that I've taken in the past. It's also a better price. Convenient location, easy access from the 15 Fwy. Staff is well trained, friendly, and professional!"

- Susan M. 

"Probably the best class I've ever been to. These guys do an excellent, thorough job. Couldn't have been a better experience."

- Addison S.

"Thoroughly enjoyed my class! Will be back for more!"

- Lisa R.

"Awesome class!!! Learned a lot. Super easy and fun! "

- Timur G. 

"Excellent teacher with great teaching skills ... Class was fun." 

- Erica M. 

"You Should be here! It's good to learn and also important to learn CPR. I hope I won't need to save a family member. . .but it's better to be ready than sorry!" 

- Maitha C.

"The instructor was quick to respond to my request for training. He was even nice enough to schedule an appointment on a holiday, which was greatly appreciated. His class was a 1on1 so no stress, but I'm sure his group sessions are also just as easy going and no stress."

- Laurie O. 

"The instructor made me feel so welcome and the class was very informative. I would def recommend to all my friends and co workers!"

- Xavier G. 

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