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Welcome to the CPR Society Instructor Portal!

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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

- Benjamin Franklin

To become an instructor:

1) Study the course curriculum (available on the right). Make sure you master all the content in the presentation and read the instructor manual in depth.

You must be knowledgeable, energetic,

and motivating when you teach!

Watch the video below how to "Sound Smart."


1. Can your test center deliver exams if a certified administrator is not available to monitor the exam session?

- No. A certified test administrator is required in order to have exams scheduled and monitored at all times. (No exam may be taken without a proctor and the proctor must be a Pearson VUE Certified Administrator.)

2. What is the process to follow if you see a candidate cheating during an exam?

- 1. Have a coworker WITNESS the candidate's behavior. - 2. INTERVENE to deal with the situation. If the candidate is taking the exam, stop it, remove the candidate from the testing room (if necessary) and inform him or her of next steps that will be taken. - 3. NOTIFY the appropriate personnel and file an incident report.

3. Describe the back-up photograph and signature process?

- File "Backup biometric used" incident report.

- Photograph – Candidate: Takes a photo using AWARE photo technology. If possible, select this option when taking a photo of a candidate. Photograph – Non-Candidate: Takes a photo without using AWARE photo technology. Select this option if you think AWARE may be preventing you from taking a candidate's photo in Admissions Manager or if exam sponsor documentation directs you to take a picture of an item. (manual p. 230)

If camera malfunction: Unplug the broken camera from the USB port and plug the back up camera into the USB port.

- If the ePad is not working, administrator will need to download signature paper and have student sign the paperwork.

4. Please describe the process for an unexpected site closure (i.e. TA illness, weather, etc) and list the steps you should take.

- If there is an issue and the site needs to be closed, an incident report will be filed on VSS. Also, every attempt will be made to notify the candidate via email and phone to reschedule the exam for another day/time.

5. Name the 5th best practice from the Tips for Taking a Photograph using AWARE Photo Technology section that is located in the Policies and Procedures Guide.

- Error Messages received from AWARE: Solutions for error messages can be viewed in the "Taking a photograph" section of this chapter.

Important Documents:

How are CPR guidelines developed? Read here.


Hire Paperwork:

3160 S. Valley View Blvd, Suite 108, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (map)

AED Pads:

AED pads wear out over multiple use and often break with incorrect use. Inform students that pads must be removed from the top. Do not allow students to pull on the cord or the pads will rip. Also, be sure they place them correctly back on the plastic paper and nicely put behind the AED after use.

Pearson Vue Videos:

(password: pearson)

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